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Action Point for Thursday, February 23, 2017 @ 12:00 GMT
Stay focused on what you want to have happen in your life and how you can achieve your goals. Take internal time to flesh out all your goals, including who supports you in achieving them and how you can implement them. Use “SMART GOALS.”

Wake up to yourself

Welcome to Noble Sciences

Do you want to experience life in the flow?

Are you willing to receive the gifts
from a profound synthesis
of ancient wisdom and today’s technology?

Are you prepared to deepen your experience of innate
wisdom and universal consciousness?

You are in the right place...

Welcome to Noble Sciences

Noble Sciences is a sacred synthesis. It takes you on an adventure Beyond Human Design into the multidimensional universe in which you recognize the truth of your Self. Your choices determine your path, and with awareness from Noble Sciences’ charts, you can change your future by your choices. Noble Sciences’ charts give you a map for efficiently navigating your life. By understanding how you function you gain new and profound depth in personal development. The Noble Sciences Synthesis combines ancient wisdom traditions (The Tree of Life, Hindu Chakras, Astrology, The I-Ching) with Modern Science (Human Design, Developmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Social Sciences Tools of Statistical Research). Dr. Eleanor Haspel-Portner developed Multidimensional Human Design Tools that go Beyond Human Design to activate knowledge deep within you.

  • Expand the depths of your true nature.
  • Improve your daily life.
  • Take an exciting journey of self-discovery.
  • Apply cosmic wisdom and inner truths to your life.
  • Use Noble Sciences Sacred Synthesis Tools daily.

Dr. Eleanor Haspel-Portner blends together the personal and the universal, the scientific and the mystical, the ancient and the modern. Her innovative tools help you consciously align yourself with cosmic influences that affect everyone. Instead of feeling at the whim of the planets or of your personality, Noble Sciences tools helps you understand both and how they relate to each other. The powerful effect of using Noble Sciences Tools allows you to make choices in your life so they benefit you and others to their maximum.

On this introductory website, key concepts behind Noble Sciences explain how you can gain full access to transformational life-changing knowledge. Experience the richness of Noble Science’ sacred synergy.

Get my book “Cosmic Secrets Revealed”. It is filled with beautiful color illustrations and explanations. Learn background information and the science behind Noble Sciences. Find out how Noble Sciences' ancient knowledge with its scientific foundation can guide you on your transformational journey. Follow Noble Sciences’ on twitter and get Daily guideance for balancing all areas of your life.

Eleanor's Signature

Eleanor Haspel-Portner, PhD.

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What People are Saying

“My work with Dr. Eleanor transformed my life from one of struggle to one where I feel in charge of my own direction. Her theracoaching using Noble Sciences Tools is extraordinary. She is one of the true masters on this planet. With deep affection and gratitude, Mary Eberson.”

“I look forward to working with “The Noble Sciences” and Dr. Eleanor if possible, for the rest of my life. Her chart work combined with the expert knowledge of “The I Ching,” Astrology, “The Tree of Life” and The Kabalistic Sciences that include the ancient science of light, color, feeling and sound, add an advanced understanding of eastern philosophies and the chakra system and healing. “The Noble Sciences” website is one of the bright stars designed to help humans on all multidimensional levels and here on Earth. I would recommend Dr. Eleanor and the “Noble Sciences web site to all those searching for answers. Gratefully, Tam McAfee”

“Thank you so much. Your input is always helpful and valuable to me. You address and honor each one of our highest potentials always. Thank you. Blessings of Love and Light, Kathleen Howells”

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